The 2019 Austin Flamenco Festival presents


Alfonso Losa & Vanesa Coloma

also featuring Ismael ‘El Bola’ and Antonio Sanchez


April 26th & 27th

at the Scottish Rite Theater

*with a special meet & greet reception presented by Paella, Tapas & More following the performance on April 26th

Vane Fun.jpg

 With the show ‘PRENDIDOS’ you will travel, with a cast of top quality artists, through all the flamenco styles that are based on the three basic pillars: guitar, singing and dance. Dance with a bata de cola, as a couple, solos of cante and guitar...

“Listening to those ancient echoes, I reflected on the influence, evolution and wealth that shape this art: Flamenco, I came to the conclusion of the importance of an "everything" that fills a wide range of different profiles, which others contribute to my emotions. It is the particular vision of a current flamenco in which reference is made to the era of maximum splendor of flamenco and its singing, which is so important for today's flamenco.

It is a work inspired by an era where flamenco and Spanish tonadilla share the same period of prominence. A show that makes a nod to such a memorable artistic etápa where poetry, the artists themselves and the great personality of them leave us an unparalleled legacy that we remember today as the golden age of flamenco. “


The Austin Flamenco Festival is brought to you by the Austin Flamenco Academy

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.